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Reaching out into our communities is vital to our organization, developing relationships with community leaders, media, school faculty and local civic groups can greatly assist each post in achieving the VFW mission.

Each post is expected to engage in and report Community Service projects. All projects will be reported using the Department activity report form, using the guidelines set forth by the Activities Evaluation Director.

The Program reporting period is May 1, 2014 through April 30, 2015 

Three (3) awards will be given in each division for the most credited reports using the April 30, 2015 Department activities Reports

These Post Divisions are as follows
I                               10-65

II                              66-125

III                             126-225

IV                            226-OVER

Additional Department Awards 
Special Projects Award

The Department will recognize all Posts and Districts than engage in unique, extraordinary community service projects that go above and beyond what is expected. These projects will then be submitted for consideration to the national VFW Special Projects Award Program. All projects must meet the basic requirements set forth in the National Program to be considered .
Projects should be nominated with 12 months of completion.  deadline for submission is NOVEMBER 1, 2014.   Each Post that submits a qualified entry will receive one point towards All-State Honors. 
New Member Community Service Volunteer of the Year Award
The Department will recognize a "VFW New Community Service Volunteer of the Year". Each Post is asked to submit one (1) new VFW member (less than two (2) years) for the Department Award.  Post nominations will be submitted using the guidelines of the National award application. Deadline for submission is April 1, 2015. Each Post that submits a qualified entry will receive (5) points towards All-State Honors.
Outstanding Community Service Post Award
The Department will recognize three (3) "Outstanding Community Service" Posts
The Department Community Service Committee is dedicated to provide you with the support and encouragement your Post/District needs for a successful year.
Please send ALL reports to Department Headquarters at N. Washington, Lansing, MI

Robert Williams, Director
1224 Ravina Ave
Benton Harbor, MI 49022
                                                                                     Special Community Service Projects 
Commandeers' Special Project
This years Commander's Special Project is Flags for National Cemeteries.
Gold Star Mother Program
Gold Star Mothers is composed of American mothers who lost a son or daughter during World War I, World War II. the Korean War, the Vietnam War, Beirut, Grenada, Panama, the Persian Gulf, Somalia, Bosnia, Saudi  Arabia, Iraq, Afghanistan, all Strategic Areas, or while in service to our country.  Gold Star Mothers serve an important roll in our VA healthcare system.
The Commander suggests supporting Gold Star Mothers though financial contributions.  Contributions can be made from the Post Relief Fund.  Contributions must be made through the Department of Michigan VFW and earmarked Gold Star Mothers to receive points towards All-State Honors. 
Blue Star Mothers are composed of mothers that have a son or daughter serving in the Military today.  The Commander suggests that we start working more with this organization by offering our Posts as meetings places for these mothers and helping them to send items to their loved ones.  Points will be awarded for All-State for working with Blue Star Mothers.
VFW Operation Uplink
Help our servicemen/women call home.  This VFW program has helped over 2.2 million servicemen/women and hospitalized veteran's call home.  Contributions must be made through the Department of Michigan VFW and earmarked Operation Uplink to receive points towards the All-State Honors.


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The Military Order of the Cootie is the "Honor Degree of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States” and we need to remember this as we fulfill our roles as Cooties.

As members of the Honor Degree of the VFW leading by example, we must continue to demonstrate our dedication to the VFW and MOC. We do this with the utmost integrity in the performance of our duties. Remember, Anything Worth Doing, Is Worth Doing Right


All those who fought and served their country when they received the call, were men and women of courage, judgment, integrity and dedication. Where does dedication end? You can never put an end to dedication. After all, those who remain Prisoners of War or are still Missing in Action are still serving with never ending dedication. For them, it can never be over. For us, we can never let their sacrifices, or them, be forgotten.



VFW Posts throughout the state have involved themselves in a variety of Safety Programs, which cover virtually every possible activity. The VFW is actively conducting and participating in six major categories under which any drug or safety activity will fall. Virtually any drug or safety activity conducted by a Post can be reported within the six categories. Credit is given only once for each activity.

The Program Reporting period is May 1, 2014 to April 30, 2015.

Samples of the activities are listed below:

Drug Awareness This covers a wide spectrum of events such as:

D.A.R.E. Contact your local State Police or County Sheriff and set up a seminar at your Post

PTA Attend your local meeting and present your program
A/A Invite your local spokesperson to your post to speak
Scouting Present your program to all levels of the Scouting Program

Highway Safety Click it or Ticket
State approved Driving Course
Pedestrian Safety Lite-a-Tike, Bicycle Safety, Lite-a-Bike, Halloween Safety Bags
Recreational Safety

Hunter Safety, Water Safety, Outdoor Safety (camping, etc.)
Roller Safety (skateboards, roller blades)
Winter Sports (Snowmobiles, Snowboards, Ice Skating, etc.)

Home & Fire Safety Home protection (outdoor and indoor)
Fire protection (outdoor and indoor)
Recognition/Other Life Saving Awards, Firefighter Awards, Police Awards, and the
distribution of various safety related materials

Each Post can submit to the Department chairman a nomination for each of the following. Firefighter award, Emergency Medical Technician award and the Law Enforcement award. Points will be awarded in the All-State program for submitting entries. DEADLINE FOR SUBMITTING TO DEPARTMENT CHAIRMAN IS January 1ST 2015. Department will submit one entry from each to National. Citations will be issued for Department winners.

Awards: The top 3 Posts in each division based on the number of creditable reports will receive Department Citations. Posts will receive one point for each activity reported on the Department Activity Report. The Post will receive five bonus points if they are reported in all six categories. The Post will receive five bonus points for submitting an entry for a firefighter, emergency medical technician or a law enforcement officer. (Possible 15 points total).


I 10-65
II 66-125
III 126-225

Let's be committed to Drug Awareness and Safety in the Great State of Michigan. Points will be awarded in the All-State Program for reporting projects on your monthly activities report and reporting to the Department Chairman.

National will issue one citation to the winner form each group of firefighters, emergency medical technicians and law enforcement officers. The citation will be presented at the Department Convention by the State Commander.

Brad Breiler, Director
1569 N. Hickory Rd. #3
Owosso, MI 48867
(989) 721-1187


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You were not alone then, you are not alone now. There are 20 million vets who would give their lives for you. PLEASE, don't take yours.

After a traumatic experience, it's normal to feel frightened, sad, anxious, and disconnected. But if the upset doesn't fade and you feel stuck with a constant sense of danger and painful memories, you may be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). It can seem like you'll never get over what happened or feel normal again.

This is why we have created the "buddy-buddy" program. Veterans like you, that have shared a similar experience or trauma in one of our nations many conflicts, are available to talk with you openly and privately and help you deal with issues associated with your experience.

If you are struggling, if you are in pain, if you just need to talk, please call.

Veterans Affairs
Veterans Crisis Hotline 1 (800) 273- 8255 press "1"
Veterans CHAT
Veterans TEXT 838255

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